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Terms and Conditions




Acceptance of terms and conditions

When you access to the website (the "website") provided by Adman Leku, S.A. DE C.V. (“LEKU”), the person making use of the website (the "user") accepts the terms and conditions (the "terms and conditions"), which you should review carefully before proceeding. In case you do not agree to be bound to the present terms and conditions, you must immediately discontinue the use, and do not access and use and purchase the services and products that are offered on the website. These terms and conditions could be modified at any time by LEKU, so we recommend the user to perform a periodic review of the current provisions at the time you access the website.


Purpose of the website

The use of the website will be exclusively so that the user can see the information provided with the purpose of purchasing products or the services offered by LEKU. You can not use the website for another purpose, therefore it is prohibited to copy, forward, reproduce, sell, transmit, distribute, download, license, modify, publish or otherwise use the content of the website for public or commercial purposes. Under no circumstances you can understand or interpret that is given any concession or license with respect to any intellectual property right, it is not even authorized to form any link or make references of the website unless it’s permitted through a previous agreement separately executed with LEKU.


User obligations

When the user makes use of the website, the user agrees:

  1. To use the website in accordance with the present terms and conditions.

  2. Perform legitimate operations, whether they are personal or on behalf of whom is authorized to act legally.

  3. Be responsible for all charges, duties, fees, and taxes arising from the use of the website.

  4. Provide legitimate and accurate information required for the purchase of the products and services.

  5. To not allow a third party to make transactions through the website on your behalf and without your consent.

  6. To not use or provide a false email address.

  7. To not make improper or inappropriate use of the website, such as false operations; post, distribute, disseminate, announce or disclose information that is obscene, indecent, illegal or that threatens, degrade, defames, bait or harass third parties in its properties or in its person, or limit the exercise of their rights; use resources, media, programs, files that may damage the other person's computer or affect the copyright, trademarks and patents related to the software used in the website or the third-party computer; use the website for commercial purposes other than those of LEKU; provide, without the consent of LEKU, information, products, services or software that are part of or come from the website, or any other act, action or purpose that in any way damage, prevent or limit the use of the website.

  8. To use the website at your own risk in accordance with the present terms and conditions and in accordance with the privacy policies of the information provided.

Limitation of liability

LEKU will not assume any liability for damages in a direct or indirect way, consequential, incidental, or any other type that is derived from or related to the use of the website by the user, and as well as for the information provided or obtained from the website.

LEKU will not assume any liability for any electronic virus or any damage caused to the user’s computer arising from the use of the website or that is derived from downloading any file, image, text, video, or audio.

LEKU will use different techniques and safety procedures in the industry, designed to protect the unauthorized access of users, both inside and outside of the company, for the protection of personal data; however, LEKU will not assume any liability for any damage direct or indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type arising from or related to the fact that another person has unauthorized access to your information, and also LEKU does not warranty whatsoever to prevent such access.

Any communication that the user submits to LEKU by any means will be freely available to LEKU, so LEKU assumes no obligation to distribute, publish, reproduce or use in any manner and for any purpose such communication.


Updating the information

LEKU makes all the effort to make the content of the site as accurate as possible; however, it may contain inaccuracies or errors or may not be updated. LEKU may modify the content of the site at any time and assumes no commitment to update it at a certain moment.


Communication with the user

The user accepts to use email as the channel of communication so that all agreements, notices, information, or statements that will be sent to the user hereby shall be deemed that they meet the legal requirements as if it had been made in writing.


Conditions of hiring

The services or products purchased by the user through the website shall be governed by the general conditions of the agreements, terms and conditions, rates, and the legal and regulatory provisions, as well as specific trade agreements executed between the user and LEKU.


Currency operations

The currency used in the operations carried out through the website is indicated in US dollars of the “United States of America”, or in the currency which is designated for each product or service by LEKU.


Provisions concerning the use of the website

The access to the website, its processes, and its use by the user shall be governed by the present terms and conditions and the provisions of the applicable laws. LEKU may execute any agreement separately and with any other person with respect to any other good or service that is contracted through the website.

In case that LEKU stops applying or exercises any of its rights under the present terms and conditions, will not indicate that LEKU resigns to exercise its rights at any time and against any other person. In case part of the content of the present terms and conditions is held to be invalid or is unenforceable, the rest of the terms and conditions will remain in full force.


Industrial property and copyright

All information, images of people, objects or places, text, designs, materials, services, products, and software contained or used on the website is the property of LEKU or its subsidiaries, affiliates or partners, and has the right for its use. In addition, the content property of LEKU is protected by the applicable copyright and industrial property Laws. The trademarks, logos, names, designs, distinctive and commercial advertisements that appear on the website are registered trademarks in favor of LEKU or third parties.


Acceptance of the terms and conditions

The access, use, or execution of any transaction through the website of LEKU means absolute compliance with the present terms and conditions which the user declares to have read and accepted. In the event of a dispute arising from the application or interpretation of the present terms and conditions, the parties shall be submitted to the conciliation procedure established by the “Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor” in Mexico, or to the jurisdiction of the courts of Mexico City, resigning any other jurisdiction, present or future, that may correspond to each party by means of their address or neighborhood or by any other cause.

The use of this site means that you accept the present terms and conditions.

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