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Adman Leku is a world-class, quality-driven company supporting customers with Advanced Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing solutions.

Our expertise has enabled us to deliver innovative and winning solutions to our customers across different industries. Throughout the last decade, it is innovation that has been key in delivering success. At the root of our DNA is our obsession with quality and customer service.

Our engineering and manufacturing center is strategically located in the Querétaro Aerospace Cluster to serve our customers across the globe with unique advantages.



Guillermo Echeverría

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With 20 years of hands-on operational experience, Guillermo has led several technology-driven businesses since 2007. In 2010 he co-founded VUHL Automotive and led the brand for 10 years. In 2013 he co-founded Adman Leku, as a strategic technical and production partner for VUHL and other global automotive and aerospace customers.


Iker Echeverría
Technical Committee

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Hundreds of innovative ideas and dozens of winning products come out of Iker's desk every year. His "no compromise" and "shoot for the Moon" mindset has moved our team towards incredible achievements for our customers over the years. Iker is responsible for setting the bar high within the team and then push for the impossible to be achieved.


Gustavo Guevara
Commercial Committee

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Strategic and forward-thinking, Gustavo brings strong sales experience, as well as marketing, purchasing, and customer service knowledge to infuse the company with an accountability and results-driven culture, along with an ambitious growth strategy.


Daniel Hernández
Commercial Director

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With profound technical and commercial knowledge of the aerospace & defense industry, Daniel has supported several pioneering manned and unmanned aerial platform programs from early development stages all the way to manufacturing releases, making him an important team member for strategizing Adman Leku´s business growth. 


Paul Schnaas
Technical Director

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With a tireless work ethic, Paul has touched all aspects of the business including engineering, manufacturing, production, shipping and receiving,  scheduling, inventory, and quoting. Paul is a results-oriented team leader that is known to meet the most demanding challenges that arise from our customers. He is responsible for implementing all the different composites production processes in the company.


David McCullough
Aerospace Advisor

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Throughout his three decades in aerospace, David has built up a reputation for clear concise leadership, in optimizing production and achieving on-time delivery of multi-million-dollar product lines. David has lead Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Quality, and complete programs to achieve aggressive schedules and higher profit margins.

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