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MEDIA RELEASE 08 December 2022.

Adman Leku expands its presence into North America.

Our US customers have asked for help to grow their engineering capacity on an on-demand basis. We listened!


Nashville TN. (Adman Leku)


Adman Leku has opened its commercial representation in the US to serve current and future customers with a unique and proven engineering solution. Based on recent market and economic shifts, a revamped solution of engineering leasing evolved to help customers access local talent in Mexico and gain scalability while reducing capital and operating costs. It has proven effective for dozens of customers who have met tight schedules during uncertain times of scarce qualified human capital.


"It is rewarding to see how this methodology has helped our customers meet their development schedules within their original budget, something that is unfortunately rarely seen these days," said CEO - Guillermo Echeverria.


Adman Leku is a world-class, quality-driven, ISO-9001-certified company serving different industries with Advanced Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing solutions. As the parent company of the iconic VUHL 05, it understands the challenges of multi-industry OEMs and component manufacturers with highly complex products. The company's rich engineering heritage allows it to construct cost-effective engineering solutions in the e-mobility, aerospace, industrial, and consumer industries. Whether in-house or offsite, its turn-key solutions will enable companies to scale quickly in design, stress, manufacturing, quality, and industrial engineering.

“Adman Leku has been a key engineering partner in achieving our targets for the start of production of our electric/commercial vehicle programs”, said Stephen Masters - Dana Corporation

Adman Leku's Global Headquarters, located in Queretaro, Mexico, makes it viable for organizations to access talented engineers at competitive rates. Its services are highly distinguished by offering differentiating factors and values that align with those of customers in North America:

  • Business culture

  • High-quality North American services

  • State-of-the-art technology and software

  • 100% in-house capacities

  • Immediate on-site response with direct flights from/to Dallas and Houston

  • Free trade agreement (USMCA/NAFTA)

  • Dynamic collaboration between teams in US time zone

To inquire about Adman Leku's Advanced Engineering solutions, email us at

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