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Adman Leku offers expertise in the design, manufacture, and application of high-performance, lightweight composite structures for the aerospace industry. Our experience and understanding of aerospace components and structures enable us to look at new methods to provide better components that are stronger, lighter, and cost-effective.  Adman Leku adheres to all non-disclosure agreements with our customers whose products are of a sensitive nature.


Adman Leku continually develops and acquires new technologies to better serve this dynamic industry through cost-efficient products that comply with the required quality and volumes. We work closely with our customers' engineering departments to develop light-weighting solutions to be incorporated into their vehicle development programs.


Adman Leku pushes the boundaries of the most innovative processes and materials to offer solutions in areas not commonly considered. Designing, engineering, and building industrial products from composites allows us to offer effective solutions to replace the long-held metal mindset. Heavy equipment and geometric fixtures are areas where Adman Leku has innovative solutions and is continually integrating new ones.


Advanced composites have been known for many years in the medical device industry for their superior strength, fatigue resistance, and ultra-lightweight characteristics. In recent years, technological advancements have enabled the extension and application of these advanced composites for use in orthotics, prosthetics, and imaging support equipment. Adman Leku produces a variety of carbon fiber parts and lightweight sandwich panels for use in radiological fixtures. Our team is ready to support and deliver advanced composites solutions for the medical industry.


From a simple wing to a complete carbon fiber monocoque, our team has extensive experience in the design, engineering, and manufacture of any part of a racing car. Adman Leku's leadership team has an enviable professional trajectory and reputation in this industry where a “motorsport attitude” is required to win races. Our ability to respond to high-pressure lead times has been instrumental in manufacturing carbon fiber composite components for top-performing teams and brands.


Satellite Communications is experiencing rapid growth and it continues to explore the benefits of the use of carbon and glass fiber composites in its design. From prototypes to production lines, we develop the best possible manufacturing process for each application to deliver the most cost-effective and technically superior solution possible.


With continuous investment in R&D, technology, and facilities, Adman Leku continues to innovate in this industry testing and researching new material solutions and even lighter constructions. Our talented engineering team works with our customers to refine their requirements and define the specific performance targets they are aiming to achieve.


The future of transportation is moving towards air mobility in the form of fixed wings and multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We are witnessing an increased demand from customers for solutions that intelligently integrate composites into these kinds of vehicles. Adman Leku is ready to provide fly-away carbon fiber parts and production tooling for this next generation of aerospace vehicles.


Composites provide strength and stiffness, but the key benefit is the ability to build lighter structures allowing heavier payloads to be carried, as well as extending the usable flight time of the UAV. Adman Leku's ability to support our customers in this industry from the concept design, detailed engineering, design for manufacturing, prototyping, production, and assembly, makes us an ideal partner in this expanding market.

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